What Is the Use of Regenerative Medicine for Lower Back Pain? Essential Insights to Count On


Today, most people suffer from lower back pain. The modern-day sedentary lifestyle has a lot to contribute to it. When the pain reaches it’s extreme, it becomes debilitating. However, the medical experts have found that close to 75% to 85% of Americans come up with several complaints of low back pain during their life. 

Lower back pain is one of the reasons for which employees go missing from work. Some common reasons for low back pain include lumbar strain, nerve irritation that encompasses the lumbar spine, and other reasons. When it comes to opt-in for the best treatment, you have to first count in the correct diagnosis. 

On the first go, the traditional approaches, like the surgical method, might appear highly promising. However, they come up with specific risks and don’t tap into the underlying cause of the issue. The regenerative approaches, on the other hand, prove to be the ultimate reason for the problem at hand. That aside, they are effective and safe and can ensure that there is quicker relief without requiring surgery. It is here you need to count on regenerative medicine. To know more about this, you can check out Winston-Salem Pain control clinic

What is regenerative medicine?

Today, regenerative medicine is an advanced medicine section that aims to capitalize on the body’s natural healing ability to restore the functionality to the damaged and weakened organs and tissues. The method uses PRP and stem cell therapy to restore the patient’s damaged joints and tissues. As a result, it gets used widely for treating the back pain and multiple other conditions, like arthritic knees and joints in the body. Regenerative medicine is essential for offering relief to your lower back pain for various reasons. The essential ones are:

1. It helps to repair the damaged tissues naturally

Regenerative medicine makes use of the materials that can amplify the natural healing process of the body. The healing process uses the body’s capacity and materials, like platelets and stem cells, to facilitate the overall healing process. For example, the PRP therapy resorts to the use of injections that comprise of platelet concentrate, which gets extracted from the patient’s blood for healing by stimulating the growth factors to your injured tissues. Therefore, the healing that takes place is safe, effective, and natural as there is zero risk of any adverse reactions taking place. 

2. It minimizes inflammation

One of the primary reasons for reduced back pain is inflammation in and around the lumbar region. The traditional therapies usually depend on the anti-inflammatory agents, which can only manage the symptoms externally and doesn’t address the root cause of this excruciating inflammation. Hence, the treatment is temporary. On the other hand, regenerative medicine can implement the healing factors in your body to combat inflammation and treat pain without requiring surgery. 

Therefore, if you are suffering from extreme lower back pain, choosing regenerative medicine is a smart idea, and witnessing the benefits, including permanent healing. 

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