sterility medical definition

Sterility is the process of making a person sterile that is done through medication. Sterility is a term used to describe the state of being incapable of reproduction. This means a person can’t conceive children, but can still be a parent in their own right.

Sterility is the opposite of infertility, which is when a person cannot conceive a child. Sterility is the opposite of the condition of being unable to conceive a child. Sterility is the opposite of the condition of being unable to have children. Sterility is the opposite of being unable to conceiv. The last condition is called ectopic pregnancy.

The reason people refer to this condition is because it is when a woman cannot produce a child, but somehow manages to make it out of her body.

It is also called “ectopic pregnancy.”Ectopic pregnancy is when a woman’s uterine tubes are ruptured that allow her to deliver a baby in the wrong place. It is also called “peritonitis.

Ectopic pregnancy is one of the deadliest medical conditions. The condition is one of the most common reasons people die of pregnancy complications. It can lead to loss of blood, severe abdominal pain, and even death. This is why some doctors are now recommending that pregnant women be given antibiotics to treat ectopic pregnancy.

Sterility is one of the most common methods of ectopic pregnancy treatment. It is an invasive procedure that requires a doctor to take a patient’s uterus into the operating theater. After making sure there is no blood in the uterus, doctors insert a needle into the area and drain the fluid. As a result, the patient can go home to deliver a baby that is not her own, but is in a different location.

So how does ectopic pregnancy compare to all the other ectopic pregnancy treatments? Well, the procedure is the same, but the doctors are now using different medical methods. Ectopic pregnancy is now being treated with antibiotics. This is a step up from the older methods, and it’s a step that could be a big improvement for ectopic pregnancy treatment.

Although it’s a step up, it’s a step down from the older method of injecting the fertilized egg with a drug that is now being used for this purpose. Doctors have been getting better at removing the fertilized egg from the uterus and inserting it into the abdomen with a catheter. The catheter is then connected to the patient’s veins, and the fertilized egg is then inserted into the patient’s body through a surgical laparoscopy.

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