rhino medical term

The rhino is a small, yellow, furry, and tiny mammal, with many horns, a large tail, and a pair of ears. This rhino is a species of wild-caught rhino that is often seen in captivity. It’s not like any other rhino, it’s not like any other mammal.

The fact that rhinos are wild-caught is a little odd, but it turns out that rhinos are wild-caught because they are often poached for their horns, which are of tremendous value as a traditional medicine. This is why they are so rare in wildlife parks. And of course, there’s nothing wrong with being a little curious.

In this case, the horns and ears are made of a hard, strong material that can be used as a knife, and they are made of a material that is tough enough to bear the weight of a rhino. The rhino’s body is made of softer, softer material that allows it to maintain its shape and size. This is probably why they are rare and thus often poached for their horns.

I find the term “rhino” to be a little confusing. I believe it to be a synonym for “horn”, but “rhino” to be a bit of a misnomer. It refers to the horn of the animal, and a rhino is a mammal more closely related than a horned mammal. In addition, rhinos are not actually horned, but instead they are simply the horns of a mammal.

They are actually a close relative of a primate, with the exception of having a single horn. The horn of a rhino is actually a mixture of two horns. The inner, softer, horn is the actual “clawed” part of the animal. The outer horn is the actual “horned” part.

The main difference between the two is that the outer horn is the horned part of the animal, whereas the inner horn is the skin. The inner horn is the skin, whereas the outer horn is the horn of a rhino. Also, the two horns are connected, not connected with each other. This is true for a lot of things. For instance, a horned rhino is also a “whole” rhino, whereas a horned mammal is a whole thing.

I think that a horned rhino is a whole thing, and that’s part of who it is. To me that’s the whole point of the rhino.

rhino horns are of high quality, but they are also very expensive. I would suggest buying a rhino horn at a local pet shop, where the animals are always getting them.

I think rhinoceros horns are a lot of fun. Especially at a party, where they are the horned party-goers. They are also very expensive, but you can find them online for a small price. I find the horns pretty exciting, and I also think it sucks that rhino horns are so expensive.

I think rhinos are cute, but I also think that they are the most endangered species on earth. I have seen people ride rhinoceros in the wild, and they are very quiet animals. I know it’s a joke, but I think it’s a good joke.

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