Does the Size of the Breasts Bother You?

Plastic surgery procedure like breast lift is much in demand for their ability to change the appearance of the breasts. The surgery requires making cuts in the skin to lift the breasts to a desired position on the chest. Due to this, the breasts may look larger and more attractive. People often combine breast lift surgery with other procedures, such as breast augmentation or breast reduction, for a better impact and outcome. If you plan to try plastic surgery for your breasts and want to learn about breast-lifting options, here are your treatment choices.

Anchor lift 

This breast lift surgery usually involves making an incision around the areola (the ring-like structure around the nipple) and down and along the breast’s crease. It provides complete support to the breast, causing the least amount of sagging. Someone with a significant sagging issue can benefit from it. A plastic surgeon often recommends this when minimally invasive methods are not an option. It is pretty similar to another breast lift surgery called a lollipop. The main thing is doctors need to make a horizontal incision under your breast crease. The option can be a part of the breast reduction procedure. If successfully done, you can have nicely shaped contours and volume.

Lollipop lift

A plastic surgeon would make a round incision surrounding the areola and another vertical incision from the lower edge of the areola straight down the center of the breast that meets the torso. This surgery can achieve different results, including lifting the breasts, reducing the areola’s size, and correcting asymmetry. The lollipop breast lift is a relatively new procedure and is probably less invasive than other types of breast lifts. However, this option favors women with moderate breast size or moderate sagging issues. It can be your thing if you don’t want to opt for a combination of breast augmentation surgeries.

Donut lift

A donut breast lift also features among popular options for breast lift surgery. It requires only one round-shaped incision encircling the areola. This type of lift can correct minor drooping or sagging problems. Some women opt for it to rectify the position of their nipples and the areola or tighten the breast skin. The donut lift isn’t invasive so you can return to normal activities soon. You can add this treatment with implants to improve your size and major sagging problem.

Crescent lift

This surgery is less invasive as it requires making only a half-moon-shaped incision to enhance the appearance of the breasts. A plastic surgeon will need to create a small incision in the shape of a crescent moon around the areola to access the breast tissue and make needed corrections. You can depend on this surgery for appearance correction. Your doctor can also guide you if this can do anything with the areola’s position. Nonetheless, it can be your way if you aspire to enjoy a youthful look without much trouble. It’s one of the finest treatments for minor sagging issues.

Remember, these procedures can have some side effects. You can talk to your surgeon about the risks and best prevention methods.

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