Best Smartwatch To Buy This 2022

Smartwatches are the new life-changer at this moment, its features can be almost the same as on a mobile phone. But what is more exciting than just wearing it on your wrist? In addition, smartwatches have a vital feature available for people with a lifestyle to maintain. Fitness tracker features are very functional on a Fitbit Smartwatch. 

Moreover, the brand sold at least 10.6 million Fitbit Smartwatches last 2021. The statistic says about a lot of the brand. Indeed, this product is very suitable for everyone, as it provides ease of control and offers features that could help you in your everyday life. If you think that it is too late, you are certainly not. You can still have them, but with ample opportunity coming this period. 

With Fitbit’s Black Friday deals this particular season, the brand will offer these products at a discounted price. Note that Fitbit Deals this Black Friday will start on November 25, 2022. Do not just sleep on this chance; set a deal alert so they will notify you once the event has begun. Make sure to secure the deal as fast as possible so you can Try and experience the greatness of Fitbit smartwatches. So, mark your calendars and participate in the event. 

List Of Fitbit Variants To Consider

1. Fitbit Inspire 2

Its regular price is $99.95; now, it only costs about $61.75. This variant is a lowered-budget version. So, if you want a price friendly, you could buy this. Also, this smartwatch has all the premium quality of all other variants. Hence, this variant is no longer on sale on Fitbit’s official website due to Fitbit’s other variant, Fitbit Inspire 3, now costs $99.95. If you are eager to have this variant, you can do your research or look for some restocks or retailers. 

2. Fitbit Charge 4

Its regular price is $149.95; now, it only costs about $112.78. Still a steal, right? Though it is not the latest model, it is still as high-performing as ever. Still appropriate and suitable for all those who have a fitness routine, it has a feature of sleep and swims tracking and heart rate monitoring for self-assessment purposes. 

3. Fitbit Charge 5

Its regular price is $130.05; now, it only costs about $149.95. The Fitbit Charge’s Model’s latest variant is the Fitbit Charge 5. The features of the Charge 4 are still present in this new version, but with more advancements. Note that you can feel control with smartwatches by swiping on their screens. With Fitbit Charge 5, you could have colored screens, sensors like EDA and ECG, and more streamlined designs. The only alteration you will see is that Charge 5 no longer holds Spotify support.

4. Fitbit Versa 2

Its regular price is $131.53; now, it only costs about $149.95. In case you do not know, Versa 2 is the product of Fitbit with the lowest price and is still on the market on the brand’s website. As we mentioned, Fitbit inspire two is no longer available, and the brand has halted production; you could resort to this variant. Hence, because of the new release of Versa 4, it is outshining this model. But, still, if you certainly want this model, you might consider buying this.

5. Fitbit Sense

The regular price of this model was $299.95; now, it only costs $217. Indeed, because of Fitbit’s Black Friday season, you can acquire the finest things in the technology department more affordable and with bargains. It is very understandable as to why this is very costly because it is an all-in-one feature. It is simply like a phone, but it is wearable. 

Note that its features entail trackers for workouts, stress management, sleeping, skin temperature, heart rates, and many more for you to discover. Also, you can directly send messages and conduct calls in this Fitbit model.

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